How to volunteer

To be a volunteer at the San Diego Regional FIRST Robotics Competition, you need to register in the FIRST volunteer information management system (VIMS). If you have experience with FIRST and recognize a job in the list that you are interested in please select it. Otherwise you can enter your available days and hours and select “Assign as needed”. Please register as soon as you can. This will help us place you in the most appropriate position.

Link to VIMS:

Overview of the Volunteer Application Process

FIRST is dedicated to promoting safety, and security, for participants, volunteers, and staff who attend FIRST events. The procedures we have established protect you as volunteers, and FIRST as an organization.

Age requirements for volunteers:

  • Event volunteers must be 13 years of age, however, some events set a higher minimum age requirement
  • FIRST Headquarters volunteers must be 16 years of age or older
  • FIRST Place volunteers may be 13 years of age or older
  • Under 18 years of age, parent/guardian permission is required to apply through FIRST Volunteer Information and Matching System (VIMS).

All volunteers must complete an application in VIMS.

FIRST has a 3 step screening process to complete your registration:

    1. a brief phone interview is conducted with each applicant
    2. a sex offender check through publicly available State Sex Offender Registry is conducted
    3. two reference checks by phone for each applicant, using the references supplied by you in your application in VIMS is conducted (Please inform your references that they should expect to hear from FIRST.)

Upon completion of your application, Volunteer Coordinators will then be able to view your profile in VIMS, for staffing purposes. Please be sure to submit position preferences.

You may sign up for as many regional events as you choose, as long as they are NOT being held on the same weekend.

Volunteer Coordinators and FIRST staff assign event volunteers in VIMS.

Volunteer Coordinators, their delegates, or FIRST staff will officially send you a confirmation by email as to which position(s) you are assigned at an event, (days and times).

If you have NOT received an assignment confirmation for an event, you are NOT assigned yet.

Key Volunteers will receive FIRST -sponsored online trainings and/or conference calls prior to the events.

Volunteers receive written safety information, and on-site orientation and training prior to the event.

The day of the event, all volunteers are required to:

  • check-in with a picture ID matching their information in VIMS
  • submit signed:
    • “Consent, Release, Hold Harmless And Authorization To Reproduce Physical Likeness” form
    • “Conflict of Interest” form – (If appropriate)

Please contact FIRST via email at if you have any questions about this process.